Monday, August 07, 2006

++the pokdiksen bbq

red ribbon won rm500, first place mmu talentime 2006, so here's how they spend the moneyh.
A Bar be que at Port Dickson. and twas nyummy.
the first trip, the organizers trip, 7 cars convoying all the way from cyberjaya.
the 2nd trip, my trip [my ofis hour sucks], 2 cars also convoying all the way from cyberjaya.
the 3rd trip, the largest trip, was said, 9 cars, all the way from malacca.
sum it yorself. gigantic hell of a reunion i guess.. i mean, not mine, theirs lah. but still, as long as i felt welcomed, i can join the wateva age.*giggles*
as usual, more piccas here:

[you, the one who always strummed and sang ungu-demi waktu tuh, eeeek, i hate lah you!]

currently listening to: samsons - kenangan terindah ??
currently feeling: chicky. [ntah pepe, sbb mkn byk ayam?]

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